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06/03/15 Sunny Side

Welcome to Sunny Side Footsteps

When you have a child and are responsible for a family it will hit you one day that this part of your life is the most important. It is likely the thing that you most deeply want to succeed at and so it can be quite a daunting contemplation, especially because this is a lifetime endeavor.

What if there was a place, ONE PLACE, a community, where people with experience had the same desires and anxieties and celebrated the same achievements; from child birth to first steps; from birthday parties to ballet recitals; from pot luck to field trips and from playgroups to daycares?

And what if these celebrations and moments happened in the most friendly and family-like atmosphere that you could imagine? Then it might be worth exploring this place.

If, by being a part of this community and attending workshops you could become more knowledgeable and share your own knowledge about child nutrition, engendering confidence, potentiation, redirection and discipline for your growing child from age 1 to 18 years would you sign up? For sure, we become better at whatever we practice, parenting is no exception. Being a better parent is easy let us show you how. Your happiness will be your family’s happiness.

What’s more, in this same location your child can have all the activities that are essential for a healthy and dynamic childhood that creates confidence and fun memories; from a wonderful daycare to dancing to birthday parties.

Well this is the place!

Life is a beautiful journey, come celebrate it together in this Home away from home.

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