Welcome to the Sunnyside Footsteps Parent Services Centre.

This is where you can find assistance, advice, events and activities for your child. Above all, you can find it in the form of a community which is what we are all about. Our services are offered in a family-like atmosphere “A Home away from Home.”

Our programs aim to meet the needs expressed by parents just like you. We have been serving the community’s daycare needs for over 10 years as the Glebe Reggio Centre. Now we are lot more!

We believe that the children are the future – that’s actually how Reggio started in Italy. It’s all about building a society of happy children to create a better future. We know that the more varied and pleasant a child’s experience, the brighter their future and the community’s future will be. However, children’s success also depend on happy and healthy parents who feel supported. That is why we work so closely with you.

We believe our childcare services contribute to the quality of the child’s home life because parents often feel refreshed after a break from their children, whether this is together as a couple or alone. When you do  spend time with your child, you can then be truly present with them, which makes all the difference.

We are committed to providing the very best. Click on a community service to find out more:

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If you are interested in learning more about OUR DAYCARE services, the history of our school, our philosophy and daycare programs please visit www.glebereggiocentre.ca.

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