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We know that children don’t come with a manual and even if they did it would likely become outdated really fast because they change and adapt to everything for good and bad.

There are benefits to speaking with other parents like yourself, sharing ideas and practicing good habits. As educators and parents who have cared for so many children and taught important lessons by so many of them as well, we believe we know a thing or two and are happy to share.

Sometimes all it takes is someone else to confirm what we have thought and give a perspective that suddenly makes everything seem clear. That’s why we offer parenting workshops. These workshops have been designed around many of the common issues parents discuss with us across a wide range of topics. When attending a workshop you can expect to gain insight into the development and behaviour of your child and can ask questions in a judgment free setting.

The main presenter is our very own Founder and Director Neil Priel (and occasionally invited special guests)-sometimes based on parent suggestions or requests). Mr Priel has been trained in the Reggio Philosophy and lives it daily in the honesty and clarity with which he deals with children, parents and the school community.

Mr. Priel Has helped many parents and mentored many teachers over the past decade. The results are impressive. He loves to share his ideas and techniques and to hear yours.

Upcoming workshops are listed below. The attendance cost is $10 and they last a little over 60 minutes. If there is a topic you wish to see addressed feel free to e-mail us and we will do our best to meet your request.

Take advantage of our “Bring a friend” and you don’t have to pay! (limited time offer )

Here are some of the topics covered by our Director:

Happiness for the family
Why is routine important.
Why change is good.
Good parenting practices
Dealing with special needs children
Disciplining children , the importance of order, the word no
Dealing with highly sensitive children
Managing Teenagers
Avoiding drugs
The world of boys
The world of girls
Reggio, the full meaning

Shared knowledge and experience for growth