Giving birth is a spectacular event filled with relief, joy and celebration. We know that it’s hard work, especially for first time mothers and even more so for those without family members close by to give a hand. It can also be a very lonely and stressful time for new mothers as they spend extended time with their child without adult interaction. Well, the solution is simple: stop by and meet friends who are in the same boat and have some fun with your child- and now you are in a different boat!

Starting in October, every Monday and Wednesday from 1:15-3:30 pm there will be a drop in for children 0-4 on the third floor. This drop in fee is $2.00 per child. Please feel free to let any friends or family members you feel will be interested know!

You may simply email us to confirm your spot with your name, child’s name and which day you’d like to come.
Limited spots are available!

Fun for parents too